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Your Favorite ___ for $___ -- a series of megathreads that crowdsource brand recommendations at a variety of price points, with open discussion around each.

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"Inspo" Albums -- a bunch of photos fitting a theme designed to inspire you.
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  • Drake's -- known especially for their neckwear.

More Affiliate Links
I have not worked with these brands yet, and can't say much about the value. At least one of them has told me they'd send me some stuff to review if you click on them, though, so I'm going to leave them here, and you're going to react in some way. These are all affiliate links.

  • Koio -- high-end sneaker brand with a CP-alternative, a chunky sneaker, and a few other styles.
  • Public Rec -- Techwear/Athleisure. Made in Peru. Some pieces use Pima Cotton and Lyocell, which is promising.
  • Mott and Bow -- performancey denim. Some following on YouTube. This link gives 10% off to first time customers.
  • Paige Denim -- has a reputation for extreme comfort, not so much for longevity.