Cool, Cozy, and Everything In Between: A Cardigan Inspo Album

Why did I make this album?

Because cardigans, man.

Because cardigans are great. Because it's fall. And because there are a thousand different ways to wear them, and I wanted to showcase a bunch. And because it's pleasant to look at cardigans, in their cozy glory, and just imagine yourself feeling warm and happy.

If I want to sound like an asshole, I could say... I'm on something of a mission to civilize. I want to encourage you all to look beyond the hoodies you're used to, and step your looks up a notch. Maybe not the big posters here -- you guys obviously know that Cardigans exist, and have some idea how to wear them -- but the little guys, who are here actually wondering how to step things up past a simple hoodie. But I don't want to be an asshole -- if you like hoodies, or other items, good for you. You're wrong, cardigans are the best, but good for you, enjoy what you enjoy.

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Inspiration: 2 Chainz

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