I went to J. Fitzpatrick's sample sale yesterday -- Justin is a cool dude, btw. I had some old photos of his store on my old phone, but that thing is dead now, so you don't get to see photos. Suffice it to say, you want some J. Fitzpatricks.

Leffot is just across the street, and yesterday was a beautiful day, so I popped right over for a quick look at their selection. There were some nice Aldens and Corthays, some scarves from Drake's, and a very large wheel of Pantherella socks. They had horns made of horn, house slippers from Hiro Yanagimachi, creams, nice photos... It was all very nice.

Speaking of Corthay -- today (Thursday) and tomorrow, Leffot his hosting a Corthay trunk show, so if you have money to blow, go get some dope, unique shoes.

Also -- I bought something! Take your guesses as to what's in that bag.